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How to create a Telegram channel and manage it

Channels allow you broadcasting public messages. The number of potential channel members is unlimited so it depends on you how large your audience will be. New members who join your channel can see the entire message history.

What should you do before creating Telegram channel?

Decide on the topic. The most popular channels are those providing unique authentic content so it is a great idea to find the field where you can share really useful information. The second way is to start an entertainment channel.

Step-by-step guide:

Iphone: Go to Chats tab, tap the New Message icon in the top-right corner, choose New Channel option.
Android: Go to Chats list and tap the pencil icon. Choose ‘New Channel’.
Desktop: Tap “burger” menu in the top-left corner and choose New Channel option.

Now choose, will your channel be public or private.
Public channels have usernames and they can be found in Telegram search or by t.me/ link published anywhere (in social media, on a website, sent via private message etc). Anyone can join them.
With a private channel, users can be added by an admin only.
You can add a link to your private channel and it will become public.

Add people from your contacts to the channel.

It is ready.
You can also appoint admins to manage your channel and add bots to perform different functions, for example, gather feedback

How to set up and manage your channel?

Appoint admins

You can add authors to the channel. Assign them privileges. By default, an admin can change channel’s info, send, edit and delete messages but cannot add users and new admins.

Add authors’ signatures

By default, all the messages posted on the channel are anonymous. However, sometimes, it is useful if they appear with authors signature. To do this, go to Channel Info and tap Edit (if you do it on the desktop version, you need to choose Manage Channel option under three points icon in the top right corner). Set the Sign messages option to “on”. Now, all the new messages will be published with signatures (however, the old ones stay anonymous).

Use hashtags

Telegram user can input a hashtag to search box and see all the messages with this tag in chats and channels. If you do not use hashtags to mark thematic content, your subscribers will not be able to easily find it when they need it.

Be careful with notifications

If you post quite often it is better to turn off push notifications and broadcast in silent mode or the users may mute your channel themselves or even leave it.

Use bots

Using bots on your freshly created Telegram channel will help:

  •  make your posts aesthetically plausible;
  • interact with your channel subscribers;
  • schedule publications;
  • monitor your channel performance.

There are two types of bots:

External bots – usually, you add them as channel admins and they help you to manage it.

Inline bots – they are called right from the channel using the commands.

External bots:

  1. @ControllerBot allows forming posts and sending them immediately or postponed, add voting with emoji and viewing statistics. It is virtually a universal tool.
    To use it, you need to create your own bot on Telegram. It can be done in several clicks (they suggest you hints on the process).
    Afterward, you appoint your creation an admin of your channel and connect through it your channel with ControllerBot. Since this moment, you can access all the functions of ControllerBot and manage your channel through your bot.
    Creating a post:
    The bot allows formatting a text using a limited version of HTML or Markdown. It will provide a short info about markup syntax, in case you don’t know or don’t remember it.
    You can attach to your post an image, a button with a link, and “reactions” which allow voting with emoji.
    You can publish your post on a channel immediately or schedule publication for chosen date and time.
    Return to the @ControllerBot, to see statistics on your channel.
    This tool is great for conveniently managing several channels.
  2. @mrkdwnrbt is a bot for post formatting.
  3.  @TGStat_Bot is a bot that gathers statistics. You can use it to compare your channel performance with your competitors’ channels. It provides such metrics: number of subscribers, the reach of one post, the number of views per day and mentions in other channels. There is one problem: you can see only the statistics of channels which are added to @TGStat_Bot service by their owners.
  4. @chotamreaderbot allows transferring content from various websites to Telegraph and sending it to your subscribers in Instant View format.

Inline bots

The most popular of them are used to interact with subscribers.

  1. @like allows adding emoji buttons to the message. In this way, the users will be able to vote for your post or express their attitude towards the content of the story.
  2. @vote is an advanced bot for anonymous voting. With its help, you can create a survey and add there up to 10 answers. You can also close the voting.
  3. @groupagreebot is built similarly to @vote, but has an additional feature: you can create a ”personal” survey indicating who has voted for what.

Encouraging your subscribers to interact, neatly presented content and analytics are essential factors of your channel success. We hope using bots will help you to deliver your useful, high-quality content to your target audience in the most persuasive way and promote you Telegram channel.

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