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How to place your FB bot on your website

What is Customer Chat Plugin?

It is a Messenger Platform plugin that allows businesses to integrate Messenger experience, be it a chatbot or a live operator, into the website.

How is it different from Send to Messenger and Message Us Plugins?

Both of them redirect users to Messenger App while Customer Chat plugin integrates a chat directly into the website.

How does it look?

It looks similar to other web chat dialog boxes: it floats over the web page and can be minimized into Messenger icon if the user doesn’t need it at the moment.

What are Messenger Customer Chat Plugin advantages?

They are obvious for those who had or has no Chat window on their website and now can easily add it. But there are also advantages over other customer support and chat plugins for websites.

  • The recent chat history is loaded so that conversations on Messenger and on the website are synchronized.
  • It allows continuing interaction after a customer has left a webpage. The conversation goes on naturally also on mobile devices.
  • Now, it is easier to provide follow up because you don’t have to capture visitors’ information.
  • It provides single experience for customers.
  • You immediately get public profile data of your new users.
  • For the brands that already engage with users through a Facebook page, a Customer Chat is a great opportunity to answer requests on their website without maintaining a separate channel for this reason.

Disadvantages of Messenger Customer Chat Plugin

  • Customer Chat doesn’t work with other backend support systems. For example, it will not allow directing customers to the right customer care agent which is necessary for
  • troubleshooting services.
  • The analytics tool is not quite good for now.
  • It is not suitable to track online leads.
  • A website visitor has to log in (or be logged in) Facebook account to communicate via the Customer Chat, and it is hard to say what percentage of people will be ready to use it under these conditions.

Which features are supported by Customer Chat Plugin?

  • The plugin works on both desktop and mobile. The only exceptions are Messenger in-app browsers and Internet Explorer.
  • Customer Chat Plugin allows rich-media experience supporting most of the structured message templates and message types available on Messenger: text message and rich-media message (sending Video, Image, Audio, GIF; one-sided for now, the bot can only send this content and not receive it from users).
  • For generic and button template, only limited button types are available now which includes: Postback, Url and Call button. Buy and Share buttons are not supported yet, as well as Log In, Log Out and Game Play buttons.
  • The plugin supports Text quick replies but doesn’t support Location quick reply.

Who uses this plugin?

The early users of the Customer Chat plugin included KLM, AdoreMe, Keto Mojo, Argos Mermaid Pillow, Total Activation and some other companies but now it is in open beta, so many companies throughout the world leverage it.

Messenger Customer Chat plugin raises discussions. Though it has its advantages it is up to people how popular it will become. Are website visitors ready to use it considering the necessity to log on Facebook? Time will show.

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