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What is messenger marketing and why do you need it

Messenger Marketing – using messaging apps to communicate with prospects and customers, sell products and services, promote a company or a brand and deliver content.


Better than e-mail marketing

Email open and CTR rates decline. On average, users open up to 30% of emails. Only 1% of them visit a link and even less follow the call to action.
On messaging apps the metrics are convincing: open rate is 80–90% and CTR is 15-60%.
The experts note «email fatigue», which means that users are tired of endless emails and often ignore them, send to spam or delete them without reading. There is no such reaction to messages on apps.

Important as SMM

Messaging apps have surpassed social networks in number of monthly active users long ago. But for now, everybody knows how important is to use Social Media to communicate with users and monitor their opinions and just a handful of brands realized the potential of interacting with them via messaging apps. Messenger marketing is gaining momentum. Be among early adopters! Position your company on messaging apps!

Peculiarities and advantages of messenger marketing

Messaging apps are an interactive channel where the audience is accustomed to the dialogue, not just to passive consumption of the content.
For messaging platforms users, it is absolutely natural to answer questions and leave feedback – especially since you can just tap a button with an answer.
In this way, you can segment your audience quickly and precisely and target your broadcasting.

This, in turn, provides new opportunities for content personalization.

Subscription to updates on messaging app requires one click, without filling out forms or even enter an email address.
On messaging apps, users can easily share just everything: valuable information, interesting events, images. If you distribute high-quality content, the audience will be anxious to share your messages.


An investigation conducted by Nielsen information & measurement company and Facebook global data indicated that:

  • 63% of people surveyed say that they increasingly often message businesses over past two years.
  • 56% prefer contacting support service via Messenger over calling.
  • 61% are pleased to get personalized messages from companies.
  • More than 50% are more likely to buy from companies they can message.
  • According to 2016 figures, Facebook Messenger users alone have exchanged more than 1 billion messages with organizations and companies.

How to use messaging apps for marketing?

  • Deliver content
    Generate leads
    Segment your audience
    Gather feedback
    Provide your users with information about your company, products, services, promotions and special offers
    Conduct surveys
    Discover what interests your audience with the help of analytics modules
    Send newsletters and digests and get a lot more clicks than from email.

Plan your messenger marketing strategy and create a perfect chatbot to fulfill it.


Start using messenger marketing right now: it will allow you to communicate with your prospects and customers in new channels, reach the new audience, automate processes, increase conversion rates – and beat your rivals.

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