BDM Summit chatbot

  • Client: BDM Summit
  • Platform: Facebook Messenger
  • Technology: PHP/ MySQL

BDM Summit chatbot features:

  • displays conference schedule;
  • provides information about the speakers and the venue;
  • registration;
  • tickets booking;


CinemaBot provides nicely organized information about cinema program and schedule and allows to book tickets. Features:

  • displays schedule;
  • shows movies description;
  • books tickets;
  • shows news and announcements;
  • shows and accepts feedback;
  • provides contact information;
  • includes special offers and promotions;

Hawaii Gmail bot

  • Client: hotel chain on Hawaii
  • Platform: Gmail
  • Technology: Laravel,, Google Mail

Hawaii Gmail bot helps new guests to accommodate right after check-in, when usual questions arise: what is Wi-Fi password, where is the restaurant, what time is a beach party starts etc.
The bot asks a room number and sends answers to typical questions to Google email of a new customer


  • Client: RDE
  • Platform: Facebook Messenger
  • Technology: PHP/Mysql

The project includes the development of:

  • a website
  • a dashboard for teachers
  • a chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

The teachers use the dashboard to create lessons of different complexity, for different proficiency levels. A user completes the lessons in the messaging app with the help of the chatbot. The materials for lessons include audio and video files.
Stripe integration is used to enable monthly/annual subscription payments via Messenger.

Find all

Find all helps to find some necessary in everyday life places:

  • shows cafe, shops and restaurants nearby;
  • finds gas stations nearby;
  • shows ATMs.


  • Client: FinVariant
  • Platform: Facebook Messenger, Viber
  • Technology: PHP 7, Laravel, API Facebook
  • Try it on FB Messenger

A project for financial service

Calculator for estimation of a customer’s credit rate.

The project includes the development of:

  • a website
  • an integrated chatbot for Viber
  • an integrated chatbot for Facebook Messenger
  • admin panel to collect and analyze of clients information.

FinVariant provides estimation of a customer’s credit rate.

  • The calculation can be sent to several banks which propose the consumer loans by one-click step.
  • The system is integrated with web interfaces of the partner banks so that their managers can review the customer request and make a decision about credit.
  • The copy of calculations is sent to the customer’s email.
  • All data exchange is strictly encrypted.