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Pizza & Sushi Bot allows its user:

  • Viewing a menu;
  • Making an order;
  • Specifying delivery address;
  • Paying for an order;
  • Receiving restaurant news and promo codes.

  • Client: Affluent Attaché Club
  • Platform: SMS
  • Technology: PHP Laravel, Api.ai, Twilio

Chatbot for an elite club which allows its members

  • booking rooms in various hotels;
  • renting a car;
  • buying tickets to concerts and parties;
  • getting personalized offers for all the mentioned spheres.

Travel agency chatbot that

  • helps to learn more about Baltic states and choose a city to visit;
  • assists in scheduling travel;
  • sends facts about Baltic states and news to the subscriber;

Wine bot helps customers to choose a wine brand among the huge assortment in a shopping center.

  • asks several questions;
  • proposes 5 kinds of wine matching to a user’s preferences and the occasion;
  • prices and the nearest shops locations are applied.

A project for dating service that includes the development of:

  • a website https://ukrbride4u.com
  • web chatbot
  • a chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

Ukr Bride For You project features:

  • the registration of a male customer with an optional connection to his Facebook profile;
  • news and stories sections;
  • a dashboard for an administrator with detailed user activity statistic;
  • PayPal billing.

  • Platform: Slack
  • Technology: PHP, MySQL

The Emoji VWE Slack bot allows voting for a message in Slack with emoji.

Slack chatbot to save votes of members in the channel where it was added. For example, “How do you feel today?” is asked and everyone sends an emoji with optional text comment in reply.
After each message with voting, chatbot sends emoji with
the number of votes and number of members in the channel to the administrator. Users, who didn’t vote, would get notifications by direct message. Admin can see statistic reports in the personal chat to get insight about the overall mood in the team.

  • Platform: Slack
  • Technology: PHP, WordPress

TripleLift bot is a bot for HR department that

  • introduces one employee every day in the general Slack chat for 500+ staff;
  • helps co-workers to learn more about each other as a part of corporate team building strategy.

CinemaBot provides nicely organized information about cinema program and schedule and allows booking tickets. Features:

  • displays schedule;
  • shows movies description;
  • books tickets;
  • shows news and announcements;
  • shows and accepts feedback;
  • provides contact information;
  • includes special offers and promotions;

  • Client: hotel chain on Hawaii
  • Platform: Gmail
  • Technology: Laravel, Api.ai, Google Mail

Hawaii Gmail bot helps new guests to accommodate right after check-in when usual questions arise: what is Wi-Fi password, where is the restaurant, what time is a beach party starts etc.
The bot asks a room number and sends answers to typical questions to Google email of a new customer

  • Client: RDE
  • Platform: Facebook Messenger
  • Technology: PHP/Mysql
  • Try it on site

The project includes the development of:

  • a website realdealenglish.com
  • a dashboard for teachers
  • a chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

The teachers use the dashboard to create lessons of different complexity, for different proficiency levels. A user completes the lessons in the messaging app with the help of the chatbot. The materials for lessons include audio and video files.
Stripe integration is used to enable monthly/annual subscription payments via Messenger.