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Find all helps to find some necessary in everyday life places:

  • shows cafe, shops and restaurants nearby;
  • finds gas stations nearby;
  • shows ATMs.

  • Client: FinVariant
  • Platform: Facebook Messenger, Viber
  • Technology: PHP 7, Laravel, API Facebook
  • Try it on FB Messenger

A calculator for estimation of a customer’s credit rate.
The project includes the development of:

  • a website https://www.finvariant.com.ua
  • an integrated chatbot for Viber
  • an integrated chatbot for Facebook Messenger
  • admin panel to collect and analyze information about clients.

FinVariant provides the estimation of a customer’s credit rate.

  • The calculation can be sent to several banks which propose the consumer loans by one-click step.
  • The system is integrated with web interfaces of the partner banks so that their managers can review the customer request and make a decision about credit.
  • A copy of calculations is sent to the customer’s email.
  • All data exchange is strictly encrypted.
Gioc chatbot

  • Client: Municipal Service Company Gioc Kmda
  • Platform: Facebook Messenger
  • Technology: Node.js/Express, MongoDB
  • Try it on FB Messenger

Gioc Kmda chatbot allows users in Kyiv city:

  • check their balance in Messenger;
  • pay the utility bills;
  • get new bills as soon as they are formed.

  • Technology: IBM Watson

Singularika developed the solution for search and parsing of applicant resumes for required vacancies in HR agency database. It works with all document formats and detects unstructured data like person’s name, age, email, experience etc. Then the algorithm ranks the matching resumes according to their correspondence to the requirements. The tool saves HR managers hours of non-matching profiles reviewing.

  • Client: Salateira Chatbot Technical Specification
  • Technology: botsociety prototyping

Singularika prepared technical documentation for Salateira chatbot

  • Platform: Skype, Kik
  • Technology: Google Places API, PHP, MySQL

DeliverMedBot allows to make an order from different drugstores and receive it at home.
The project includes a WP-website, a dashboard, and the chatbots for Skype and Kik.

  • Client: Chatbot audit for Domino’s Pizza Bot (Domino’s Ukraine)
  • Platform: Facebook Messenger

Singularika performed the chatbot audit and quality assurance for Domino’s Pizza Ukraine.

Online shopping chatbot that performs virtual assistant functions:

  • displays the goods to the customer;
  • helps to choose clothes;
  • directs visitors to the company website.

Stellar Navigation is the company focused on dry bulk cargoes, with offices in 6 countries.
Singularika developed a system of the company’s documentation workflow.
The system creates a joint space for collaborations of remote branches.
It allows managers

  • to receive partners bills;
  • instantly process them;
  • include the data into the corporate database.

The system also helps employees to complete internal documents and exchange them with co-workers.

  • Platform: Telegram
  • Technology: Nodejs/Express.js

A chatbot for telecom services and software provider that performs the Technical Support Operator functions:

  • guides the user through the software upgrade process;
  • helps to identify and solve standard problems;
  • provides step by step instructions to solve network problems;
  • accepts the requests for Tech. Support in case of hardware problems.