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Natural Language Processing

Singularika will help to enhance your business with the newest technologies.
Artificial intelligence offers advantages in completing a range of tasks in the analysis of quickly changing unstructured data.
Various platforms and Business Intelligence tools allow analyzing databases, reports and other structured information, which makes only 20% of all the data available. These tools will not help with analysis of unstructured information such as social media posts, images, messages, all kinds of documents and articles. Human employees also will be rather incapable of completing such a large-scale project.
But there is a way to accomplish it, and it is Natural Language Processing (NLP).
With NLP, we can complete such tasks as:

  • keywords generation;
  • automated abstracting and annotation;
  • language identification;
  • information extraction;
  • classification.

With the help of Natural Language Processing, important business problems can be solved.
Reputation monitoring. NLP helps to track customers’ feedback, their opinions on the brand on forums, in social media, blog posts, news. As a result, a company can instantly react: refute false information, resolve a conflict over its service or a product, and in general, it allows maintaining brand’s reputation.
In particular, there is an option of sentiment analysis which allows defining the context of mentioning the interested company. In this way, a brand is immediately notified of negative feedback.
Automatic Support Service that does not require a special technical language, that understands natural language and answers customers questions.
Collecting information about market enhanced with NLP allows monitoring the competitors’ situation and relevant events in the industry.
Singularika team will develop an advanced solution using NLP for your Business.

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