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Visual Recognition

We make it possible to use the recent advances in visual recognition to enhance your business. We will create a visual recognition system or find solutions for particular problems in this sphere.

How does it work?

The algorithms of visual recognition are based on extracting the information about edges, texture, colors, analyzing the areas of the image with certain characteristics, using filters. In general, the recognition implies the identification of specific details according to the algorithm. We work with IBM Watson, Google TenzorFlow, and other innovative technologies, platforms, and frameworks.

Visual recognition is used:

  • for computer-aid diagnosis in Medicine;
  • to identify products by an image; it allows the customer to upload a taken picture of an item and find “the same shoes I had once” or “this kind of watch”;
  • in the photo stoсks to tag and describe images automatically;
  • for personal identification in security systems;
  • to analyze video;
  • in logistics to count boxes and goods in stock;
  • for quality control: to analyze color, shape, and configuration of a scanned object;
  • to recognize vehicle registration plates, wagon and container numbers.

Our company will create the right solutions in visual recognition for your business.



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