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Speech Synthesis And Recognition

We use cutting-edge technology in speech synthesis and recognition to empower your business.

We create solutions to a wide range of problems using innovative technologies, frameworks, and platforms, such as IBM Watson Bluemix, Google Cloud Speech API, and others.

Our company uses Google Cloud Speech API to grant high-quality recognition of more than 80 languages. The accuracy of the API improves as Google works on the technology which is used in the Google own products. You get the ability to convert to text the messages dictated by the users to the app’s microphone, enable voice command/control, and convert audio files. Speech API also allow filtering inappropriate content.

We also apply the IBM Watson Developer Cloud API to analyze the speech and language information, which helps to add cognitive functions to your services and applications.

The speech to text recognition is used for:

  • writing the received calls and further analysis of the requests, which optimizes the processing of multiple messages;

  • converting and saving the notes, speeches, and reports, summaries of the meetings in the text format;

  • creating the applications with voice control;

  • further automated translation;

Text to speech option serves for generating automated messages (e.g., call-centres), creating voice navigation “free hands,” interactive toys development and other services of the future.

We will help you to automate the processes related to voice messages, and offer professional solutions to the relevant problems in speech synthesis and recognition.

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