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UX/UI design of chatbots

Singularika provides UX/UI design services.

Service design


  • we research points of contact between the customer and the company, the customer’s reactions to various conditions;
  • we create scenarios of customer behavior in different situations;
  • we analyze interactions between the user and your company;
  • we develop a plan of the parties communication;
  • we find a balance between what users and the company expect of the chatbot.



  • we investigate user experience and user stories in the considered field;
  • we gather information;
  • we process your requests and suggestions, study company style and the industry peculiarities;
  • we parse information on your website;
  • we define keywords;

Chatbot prototyping


  • we plan and analyze essential chatbot functions and the company strategy in messaging apps; we select technology. Our specialists develop dialogue structure and chatbot behavior scenario in accordance with your wishes, your business peculiarities, and behavior factors research;
  • we create interaction design;
  • we define communication logic;
  • we forecast possible reactions of users;
  • we build conversation structure;
  • we create trees of decisions for each branch of dialogue;
  • we select the best suitable elements of design: buttons, quick replies, text input, images or cards to make customer’s interaction with a chatbot comfortable and productive;

Dialogue scenario creation


  • we divide content into blocks to make it simple for comprehension;
  • we use keywords and relevant phrasing;
  • we include “chatters” that enables bot to do the small talks and make a positive impression;
  • we insert in the conversation incentives that stimulate users to hold a conversation and carry out actions.

Additional features


  • dialogue translation;
  • creation of multilingual bots, bot interface translation;
  • emoji attachment;
  • development of personality and character for your chatbot to produce a positive impact, and to engage customers with your brand.


Order UX/UI design from Singularika! Our specialists will do research and create company-specific interface taking into account all your wishes.

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