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Chatbots for contact centers

call-center-1015274_960_720What is a chatbot?
Chatbot is a software environment or a software tool that
– interacts with a user via text;
– acts according to a pre-designed scenario;
– can have a conversation with a user or perform additional functions;
– has a certain interface;
Why are the chatbots so relevant for contact centers?
1. The contact center today has to accept and process the queries of all kinds, not only phone calls but emails, SMS, Skype, Facebook, Viber, etc.
2. As the smartphones became an integral part of everyday life, and the messengers become more and more popular, everyone is getting used to text rather than to call.
3. The chatbots can assist in the prompt processing of the queries from different channels.
4. The automated operators solve different problems that appear when a contact center becomes omnichannel.

The chatbots can solve such problems:
1. Unprocessed messages.
2. High peak workload issues.
3. Lack of proper analytics.
4. Routine work performance.
5. Outgoing informing messages.

Creation and deploying of a chatbot helps to improve a quality of the service, process more queries in a much shorter time, and keep contact center employees motivated and productive.

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