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Edubot – educational chatbot

Edubot (educational chatbot) is a virtual assistant that enables students to learn languages on Facebook Messenger or other messaging apps.

Singularika offers an innovative solution to achieve a new level of interactivity of language courses and schools.
Edubot can be a high-tech complement to the real-time courses. It completes all the routine tasks and reduces the workload of office managers, administrators, and teachers.
Edubot can also be an instrument for an independent educational project of remote courses/e-learning


Edubot performs the following functions:
1.Provides access to the base of educational materials (texts and multimedia: audio and video files);
2. Conducts an initial test in language proficiency;
4. Shows lessons schedule;
5. Searches lessons by keywords and categories;
6. Provides follow-up;
7. Reminds of the beginning of the courses, next lessons, speaking club;
8. Accepts payment for courses and subscription to the lessons directly in the messaging app;
9.Conducts performance tests (a feature which enables users to take tests at different stages)
3. Sends news and promotions;
9. Receives requests, questions, and feedback;
10. Shows pricing;
11. Accepts applications.

Edubot benefits

  • An easy-manageable student’s profile;
  • Multilingualism – a chatbot can be adjusted so that it will communicate with the students in different languages (each student selects his preferred language);
  • Ability to submit an application and pay for courses online;
  • Notification system – a student can set the reminders, choose their frequency and remove them;
  • An option which allows repeating any lesson. Students can search for lessons by keywords or repeat a random lesson.

Screenshot_2 eduHow does Edubot work?

For a student
Any person that adds a chatbot access public information: schedule, initial test, etc., and gets the ability to enroll in a course and subscribe to news and promotions.
After a user activates corresponding menu entry, he or she can take a test to define language proficiency level.
Chatbot offers suitable courses;
The user can immediately enroll in one of them and make a payment.
After that, the rest of chatbot functions are activated.
A student gains access to the first lesson materials. It can be some preparatory reading if the student enrolls in real-time courses or a full lesson in case of distance learning via chat.
The virtual assistant provides any type of materials: audio, video, pdf documents, etc.
The notifications system helps students organize his or her time and not to miss the next lesson.
After the lesson is completed, a user can take a test to move on to the next lesson.
The student can make a request, send a question or feedback to the support service or the teacher anytime.

For an Administrator
The administrator can add content in three ways:

  • via CMS manually;
  • Export/import of files;
  • integration with LMS.

In the administrative panel, the administrator can see all the chatbot’s subscribers: the students and the people who added the bot and are interested in courses but haven’t enrolled yet.
The requests and questions also arrive in the admin panel.
Chatbots allows sending personal messages.
If necessary, it is possible to integrate into the Edubot lessons with a live teacher via chat.
Edubot is a splendid opportunity to automate the teaching process and make it more comfortable and interesting for students, and more creative for teachers and administrators.

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