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Mediabot – Mass Media chatbot

The number of monthly active users of Telegram exceeded 100 million, Viber – 260 million, Facebook Messenger – 1.94 billion. Facebook, in general, takes steps to become a significant platform for news distribution. With new media available, and the process of starting a news site being so democratic, the competition is very strong. Online editions and news portals try to win attention of the audience. In order to engage messaging apps users both such giants as CNN, The Huffington Post and The Guardian, and the local media create news chatbots.

Singularika offers an excellent solution for news industry companies ready to use new technologies.

Please welcome Mediabot!



Mediabot performs the following functions:

1. Distributes news by subscription;

2. Displays news on request;

3. Searches news by keywords;

4.Shows exchange rates and weather reports;

5. Conducts surveys.


Mediabot benefits


  • Mediabot engages visitors to the website;
  • Mediabot can display articles published on commercial basis and ads;
  • Mediabot has an option “Recommend to a friend”
  • Mediabot delivers multimedia content

How does Mediabot work?


A reader adds the chatbot and can use its functions:

  • read news on requests;
  • subscribe to a digest;

Following settings are available to customize user experience:

  • Subscription frequency;
  • Preferable time of digest delivery;
  • Content quantity;
  • Search by keywords;
  • Latest /most popular news



  • Filtering news by:


Countries and regions;


The filtering feature ensures that the readers receive only the relevant and interesting for them news. It is one of the important advantages of chatbot compared to the website because, in the messaging app, you can get maximum personalization.


For an Administrator

There is an administrative panel which allows managing content, the list of subscribers, news delivery. It also allows forming groups of subscribers and setting outbound messaging time. The results of surveys also are displayed in the administrative panel.

Also, you can send private messages in Mediabot.

Integration with




Mediabot is vital for media companies to add value to the information they deliver by providing their readers with an ability to customize it and get only the relevant news, in the suitable time, and without leaving the messenger. The readers will look forward to notification of message with your news digest.

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