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TeVoBot – Chatbot for Telecom

TeVoBot (Text Voice Bot) is an automated virtual operator which processes requests and provides first informational aid 24/7.

Chatbot operates in text mode, which allows users to text virtual assistant as easy as any customer support operator.

Auxiliary elements of interface help users to find the answers faster.


TeVoBot benefits


  • TeVoBot provides automated first-line technical support which decreases workload and provides 24/7 Client Care. As a result, the expenses for contact center maintenance and management and support service reduce. 
  • TeVoBot connects to a conversation a live operator of client support or sales department if the question is tricky and can’t be processed by the bot.
  • TeVoBot passes the conversation with context marker so the client needn’t repeat his or her question and the operator immediately sees the history of the conversation
  • TeVoBot is emotional; it contains the set of emoji and avatars.
  • TeVoBot can promote chosen web pages and engage clients to participate in the tours on the website. It allows providing not only informational support but also sales and up-sales.



The users who aren’t yet the company clients can use TeVoBot to learn about

  • available services;
  • geographical coverage of the company services;
  • pricing.

To the company clients, TeVoBot provides answers to standard questions loaded in its base.



The knowledge base is one of the main elements of this chatbot. It contains information for relevant answers to users’ requests. Following dialogues are in the base:

  • “Router set-up”
  • “There is no Internet”
  • “Choosing a service”
  • “Financial questions”
  • General topics

Analytic / Statistics

An analytic and statistics module is a separate module in TeVoBot. In the basic variant, the following data is available:

Cumulative statistics on chats

  • Operators daily workloads;
  • Average response time per day; per day and per issues of clients;
  • Average number of processes chats per day and issues;
  • Distribution of chats in messengers;
  • Average duration of the chat per day;
  • Number of requests per day sorted by statuses (automatically closed, closed by an operator, the client confirmed that the problem was solved);
  • The rating of the service by customers per day (all requests; number of rated /not rated requests; the number of requests of each rate);
  • Distribution of chats by issues, comparison with a real problem noted during the chat.
  • Distribution of chats by languages;
  • Distribution of chats by issues (fist request, repeated request, the problem was not solved, etc.)


The statistics on work done in chats

  • Current workload, number of chats;
  • Contact handling time, response time;
  • Number of processed chats;
  • Average chat duration;
  • Number of requests by issues (closed automatically, closed by operator, a client confirmed that the problem was solved, etc.);
  • The rating of the service by customers (all chats; chats completed by an operator, number of requests of each rate);
  • Chat distribution by languages
  • Customers’ activity by messengers;
  • Rating of transferring conversations to the operator;
  • Duration of sessions by issues;
  • Map of ITR knots attendance.


Client base analytics

  • Client distribution: all the clients who turned to chat; first-time request; repeated request; authorized clients; chats with operator per day/month/year, etc.
  • Analytics by issues;


How does TeVoBot work?


TeVoBot works with text-based and voice-based user interface. It uses key messengers, social media or widget on a website as text entry interfaces.

For an Administrator

There is an administrative panel which allows managing content, the list of subscribers, news delivery. It also allows to form groups of subscribers and set outbound messaging time.

Also, you can send private messages in TeVoBot.


TeVoBot can be integrated with the help of REST API requests.


TeVoBot is a unique solution by Singularika for successful companies in Telecom. Chatbots are changing Customer Care Service and TeVoBot can dramatically increase the effectiveness of Customer Support in Telecom industry.

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