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Creating universal chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework

bot_iconMicrosoft Bot Framework is a technology allowing to create and deploy high-quality chatbots. It includes Bot Builder SDK, Bot Connector, Developer Portal, Bot Directory, and an emulator for testing the bot.

It is used to create the chatbots understanding natural language, engaged in free-form conversations as well as guided ones with a choice of action provided by your bot. You can create simple text string conversations or add images, action buttons, etc.

Microsoft Bot Framework provides SDK to create dialogues and built-in prompts and facilitates interaction with users.

If it is necessary to build a bot understanding natural language you can incorporate an NLP technology LUIS, for voice communication engage Cortana, and Bing API for search.Bot Framework Developer Portal serves to register a bot, connect to the popular channels, and configure it.

The main advantage of Microsoft Bot Framework is an ability to create a universal bot for all important messengers, mobile apps and the website. It is done without additional coding, one script for all channels. As a rule, it reduces the time and expenses needed to launch the bot.
Microsoft created a Domina pizza bot to demonstrate the power of its Bot Framework. Conversational interface proved to be much fun than the standard ordering forms.

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