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IBM Watson Bluemix – development in a cloud


Bluemix is the newest cloud platform created by IBM Watson. It enables Singularika developers and the companies to create, deploy and administer the applications in the cloud.
Bluemix is based on CloudFoundry open source technology and grants its users access to the middleware IBM and partners soft. With Bluemix, the developers can create one hybrid cloud with a composition of two categories of systems: traditional corporative systems of records, like banking and financial systems, interactive systems of engagement that is mobile, situational and social services.
Bluemix as a PaaS (Platform as a service) offers DevOps cloud services; which enables developers to work on the projects fast and efficiently together.
Using Bluemix or DevOps services from IBM enabled companies to achieve great results.
Bay Area Rapid Transit shipping firm decreased the amount of the time spent to develop a pilot version of their mobile application from months to weeks.
GE Capital managed to launch a website and deploy the apps unusually quickly.
Financial Insurance Management Corp. (FIMC) promptly created mobile app and due to that extended 30% more contracts
The startups MyMenu and aPersona scaled their key business apps in no time.

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