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Intelligent chatbots with Dialogflow

Dialogflow is a platform that allows creating conversational interfaces. Singularika developers use it to add Natural language processing to their mobile and web applications, devices and bots.
The app, device or bot gives the input and output methods and responds to actionable data.

An optional webhook implementation can be used to connect Dialogflow to the web service. It enables web service to call external APIs, perform business logic, or access data stores.
API.AI receives input data as a query is the form of an event name or text in natural language. Dialogflow matches it to the suitable intent considering information which the intent contains (entities, contexts, examples, parameters) and the corresponding machine learning model of the agent. The query is turned into the actionable data by Dialogflow and returned output data as a JSON response object.

The features of the technology

  • Dialogflow allows to create and deploy a chatbot just in a few hours, and improve it in the process of conversation.
  • The natural language understanding tools assist in creating unique conversation scenarios and actions and analyze interactions with end users.
  • Predefined knowledge packages gathered during several years include encyclopedical data, news, tickets booking, weather forecasts, etc.
  • Machine learning based on the examples provided by developers, and conversations with the users, allows improving the app constantly.
  • It can be integrated with Alexa, Cortana and key messaging platforms (Skype, Slack, Facebook Twilio SMS, Cisco Spark,etc.)
  • Switches between the topics of the dialogues remembering where the user left off for each one.
  • Provides SDK to support various platforms and programming languages, such as iOS, Apple Watch и Mac OS X, Android, HTML, Cordova, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C#, Xamarin, and Unity.
  • Supports 14 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Each day it processes millions of the user requests with 99.99% uptime.

Dialogflow basically uses text for input. If voice recognition is needed, Google Speech API is usually applied.
The output is also textual. For some messengers, the rich messages can be used.
If you need an intelligent conversational interface, we can build the best solution for you with the help of Dialogflow
Create and deploy a conversational agent in a few days. Continue to train your agent while it learns from conversations it has with end users.

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