Chatbots development for messengers
Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Slack, Skype, Cisco Spark, Kik, Line
Chatbots for contact centers
Chatbots development and integration with contact centers, CRM systems
Chatbots for notifications
Newsletters, promotions, order statuses, financial information
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Our Services

Chatbots development

Our company builds chatbots for messengers, for web- and mobile apps, hardware chatbots (IoT) and SMS-chatbots.

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Speech Synthesis And Recognition

We use cutting-edge technology in speech synthesis and recognition to empower your business.

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Visual Recognition

We make it possible to use the recent advances in visual recognition to enhance your business. We will create a visual recognition system or find...

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Developers on board

Which programming languages do we use?

Our Expertise

Cutting Edge Technologies for Business

Machine Learning

Classification, Clusterization, Approximation, Order Relation

  • TenzorFlow
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Feature Engineering
  • Pandas
  • SVM

Natural Language Processing

Methods Of Automated Text Analysis

  • NER
  • IBM Watson
  • Apache OpenNLP
  • Elastic Search
  • Google Cloud Natural Language


We create chatbots from scratch writing in a chosen programming language, or using platforms and tools 

  • AIML
  • Facebook Bot Platform
  • LUIS
  • Microsoft Bot Framework

Image Recognition

We choose algorithms depending on the objective

  • MXNet
  • Neural Networks
  • Image Net
  • OpenCV
  • EBImage

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How to add content to a chatbot?

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What is messenger marketing and why do you need it

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